As the world goes virtual due to the pandemic, so do our Franchise Expos in the Vismin Areas and you can still expand your business in those areas.

How does it work? We organize Expos for Mindanao, Western and Central Visayas through respective websites, which are boosted in Google and through Social Media sites like Facebook and Instagram to attract visitors to the websites. Each Company gets a box in the Exhibitor area with logo and description and is clickable straight to your website or assigned destination.

Each expo runs for several weeks and remains boosted during the period of time to attract maximum visitors and remains online for another 3 months after the end of the expo. During the Expo period we also have daily webinars, “Franchise of the day” presentation which is separately boosted and you can introduce the opportunity through our Zoom events to attract prospects to individual exhibitors.

Expand your business in Iloilo and Western Visayas now!


Promote and Expand your business now in Mindanao!


Now on its 21st year, helping businesses expand in Central Visayas and Cebu!



• Exhibitor Booth at virtual expo on website during entire franchise expo period and 3 month after.
• Event boostes via SEO and on Facebook and Instagram
• Daily postings on Facebook at 5 sites, 3 groups and 22 pages, in Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn
• Direct email to thousands of our previous expo visitors
• Events banners posted in websites,,,
• Event advertising in local print media
• Company presentation as “Franchise of the Day” in Event Webinar

Expo rate

FIFA MEMBER – Php 9,000.00

NON-FIFA MEMBER – Php 12,000.00

3in1 Expo Promo

FIFA MEMBER – Php 25,000.00

NON-FIFA MEMBER – Php 35,000.00

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